Chapter 5: Product Catalog

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Section 1: Catalog Maintenance

Catalog Creation

Catalog Hierarchies

URL Links

Text Links

Section 2: Catalog Publishing

Catalog Publish/Depublish

Link Type Publish

Section 3: View Maintenance

Catalog View Creation

Section 4: Product Attributes

Attribute Maintenance

Attribute Set Maintenance

    Section 5: Utilities

    Simulate catalog determination

    Catalog generation from material master

    Generate Attributes from class

    Generate attribute set from class


    Section 6: Excel Upload/Download

    Load catalog structure from excel

    Load catalog items from excel

    Load attributes from excel

    Load attribute sets from excel

    Download attribute sets and attributes


    Section 7: Material Relations

    Material Relation Maintenance

    Publish material relations


    Section 8: Translations

    Download language tables

    Upload language tables


    Section 9: Synchronize Offline Data

    Publish and depublish user

    Publish and depublish customizing


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