Chapter 2 : Backoffice

Backoffice is considered Hybris’ most powerful tool. It offers an easy to use, role based interface for all business and administrative users. This chapter will explore its capabilities at a high level and discuss its predecessors.

Backoffice Predeccessors

Today, Backoffice supports multiple UIs, sometimes called cockpits that allow focused tasks to be performed easily. Backoffice is relatively new to Hybris, serving as an efficient and easily to use combination of previous features.

*A note about version support: Versioning format: <Major>.<Feature>.<Minor>.<Patch> ( Major/Feature/Minor updates are supported for 24 months, after which they are no longer supported.

Backoffice Feature

Backoffice is based on the Backoffice framework (for developing back office applications.) It manages user roles, security, validation, navigation, and more. Below are a few of its features and functions. You can explore these and more throughout the rest of the course.

  • It contains widget libraries, which are building blocks for UI and applications.
  • It supports a flexible layout
    • Press (F4) to enter Orchestrator mode (allows widget manipulation)
  • Changes can be set up and deployed at runtime (immediately responsive)
  • You can add prices and media (images) to product
  • You can add references to other products (i.e. cross-selling)
  • You can assign classification metadata to products
  • You can search for products with advanced criteria
  • You can set product status manually or via workflow
  • You can synchronize products and catalogs manually or via automation
  • It is extensible by custom code

Backoffice supports several views that service many user roles

  • Hybris Administration Console (HAC)
    • (Found at root URL)
    • The HAC is used by system administrators. It provides interfaces that are utilized to monitor the various aspects of the system (CPU load, Memory overview, DB connection overview, thread dump, garbage disposal, etc).
  • Smart Edit
    • (Found at root URL/smartedit)
    • Smart Edit is a graphical user interface for website editing and management.
  • Website
    • Used by customers and customer support & sales
  • Web Services
    • Used by partners

Backoffice supports several views that survice many roles.  The user experience will vary greatly depending upon the user’s role. If you have multiple roles, you can select from among them after login.

  • Admin – username: admin password: nimda
  • Product manager username: BackofficeProductAdministrator password: 1234
  • Customer Service –  username: cmsmanager password: 1234

Product Cockpit

The product cockpit is a Backoffice view that caters to product management. It has three views.

  • Browser view allows you to search for and create products in many ways, such as through filters and category search functionality. Bulk edits/approvals are easily made here as well.
  • Assortment view features drag and drop functionality and allows easy management of categories and classifications. Note that drag and drop is default set to move but can be changed to copy from the assortment view.
  • Compare view highlights the difference between multiple products from the same screen. It can be accessed with the scale symbol from browser view

While there are still several cockpit views in Backoffice, the product cockpit handles many aspects of product content management. With it you can:

  • Create and update products
  • Create product variants
  • Manage product categories
  • Assign products to categories
  • Microsoft Excel export and import for bulk creation and editing of products
  • Add prices and media to products
  • Add references to other products
  • Search for products according to advanced criteria
  • Set product approval status manually or via workflow
  • Synchronize products and catalogs manually or via automation

Much more…

Backoffice offers many more cockpits and features. These will be explored in detail in later courses.


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