SAP Commerce Cloud

Learn how to perform tasks in the SAP Commerce Cloud back office applications. This course will prepare you for the SAP Commerce Cloud business user certification and serve as a reference for basic and advanced Hybris business user functionality.

Chapter 1 : The Basics - What is Hybris?

Hybris is an ecommerce solution software that effectively meets the demands of modern Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) commerce using Omni-Commerce. This chapter will expand on these concepts and Hybris as a platform. Then, it will explore the pillars of Project Delivery Framework.

  • Origins
  • Features
  • Accelerators
  • Project Delivery Framework

Chapter 2 : Backoffice

Backoffice is considered Hybris’ most powerful tool. It offers an easy to use, role based interface for all business and administrative users. This chapter will explore its capabilities at a high level and discuss its predecessors.

  • Backoffice Predeccesors
  • Backoffice Features

Chapter 3 : Product Content management (PCM)

The Product Content Management Hybris Module handles the creation, organization, and management of products. This chapter will explore the PCM module and the following of its elements in detail.

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Versions
  • Catalogs

Chapter 4 : Web Content Management (WCMS)

The Web Content Management Hybris module handles the website presentation. Its most prominent tool is SmartEdit, which allows users to edit web page content without html code. This chapter will explore the WCMS Module and the following of its elements in detail.

  • Pages and Templates
  • SmartEdit Modes
  • Navigation Nodes
  • Personalizations

Chapter 5 : Commerce

The Commerce module contains many crucial functionalities around search, pricing, cart features & checkout types, promotions, and coupons. This chapter will explore these features in detail.

  • Search and Navigation
  • Pricing
  • Cart and Checkout
  • Promotions
  • Commerce Organization
  • Subscriptions Module
  • Bundling Module

Chapter 6 : Orders

This chapter explores aspects of the Order process in detail, including features around payments, cart & checkouts, and the powerful modules that can enhance the order process experiences.

  • Payment Module
  • Order Process Module
  • Assisted Service Module
  • Customer Service Module
  • Order Management Module

Chapter 7 : Integration

Hybris SAP supports third party software integration. This chapter will explore common integration scenarios and configurations.

  • CPQ Configuration
  • ImpEx
  • Integration APIs
  • Data Modeling

Chapter 8 : Architecture

This chapter explores the technologies that form the Hybris Platform, the extensions and addons often utilized, localization, security, installation, and recipes.

  • Setup
  • Structure
  • Localization
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Validation
  • Workflow and Collaboration

Review Questions

When you are ready, try to answer these questions pulled from various resources meant to emulate the testing questions found on the SAP Commerce Cloud Business User certification exam.

    External References


    The SAP Commerce cloud Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) is a collection of frameworks and recommended practices for SAP Commerce Cloud, developed by specialists SAP Commerce Cloud Expert Services teams.

    • Business Execution – Business decisions that guide a Commerce project throughout its entire lifecycle. It includes topics like business operations, business foundations, and business readiness.
    • Project Delivery Frameworks – Explains the different types of SAP Commerce Cloud projects. Provides frameworks and approaches for delivering a managing these projects.
    • Recommended Practices – Practices for the different disciplines involved during the solution’s lifecycle, such as architecture, development, project management, and application management.
    • SAP customer Experience Expert Services – Explains the range of service offers that are provided to customers and other services teams by SAP Commerce expert services to support this lifecycle.
    • ALF (
    • CX Works (


    Contains everything about the newest SAP Commerce Cloud versions.

    • Documentation for current SAP Commerce Cloud releases
    • SAP Commerce cloud accelerator documentation
    • Current versions of the developer trails.
    • Found here (

    SAP Customer Experience Enablement Portal

    • Fresh content – videos that empower you to get the best from the software
    • All in one place – 350+ tutorials, demos, and webinar recordings covering the entire C/4HANA suite
    • Easy to consume – short, focused videos covering key features of the software
    • Free for all SAP customers and partners, accessible with your SAP User ID via SSO
    • Guided learning – Short and informative videos focused on a single feature or topic
    • Found here (

    SAP App Center

    • Enterprise marketplace to buy, manage, and deploy trusted partner applications that extend your existing SAP technology and solutions
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