Chapter 3: Core Configuration

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Section 1: Common Settings

Define Core System

Define Common Parameters

Intervals for Search Results

Define Themes

UI Texts

Error Message Handling

Web Table Views


Address book

Section 2: Web User

Partner Types for Web Users

Authorization groups for web user master

Define Reference User

Customer Role Assignment


Section 3: Product Catalog

Catalog Types

Link Types

Catalog Material Relations assignment

Define Authorization groups for catalog attributes

Catalog Determination

Catalog Views

Material Relations

Section 4: Web Application

Define Web Application and Parameters

Define system specific URLs

Assign workstation applications

Define customer specific welcome pages

    Section 5: Documents

    Document types

    Field control


    Text determination

    Section 6: Document Search/Lists

    Assign SAP document types to e-Selling document types

    FI-doc. Types for document lists

    Document dependent description

    Status and status groups

    Characteristics and characteristic groups


    Period Groups

    Section 7: Basket

    Define service levels

    Define Service Level Groups

    Maintain Address Data field control

    Sales area determination B2C

    Control basket split

    Section 8: Payment Handling

    Define Payment types

    Define payment type – Payment group assignment

    Define Payment cards

    Payment Methods – Payment card assignment

    Field control payment types

    Section 9: Enhancements

    View Redefinitions

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