Chapter 1: An Introduction to WECO E-Commerce

In this chapter, you will learn what are the key areas of WECO (catalog, basket, users, etc.), what modules are available for purchase by customers, and lastly what documentation is available.

Section 1: Key Areas of Weco


WECO E-Commerce offers the perfect webshop to extend SAP sales and service processes, both in B2B and B2C scenarios. The product works directly and in real time on SAP ERP data, providing customers with up-to-date and consistent information. The wide range of functions leaves nothing to be desired and the many configuration options allow new requirements to be implemented quickly and easily.


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Product Catalog

The WECO E-Commerce Product catalog is the heart of the web-shop.  Catalog administrators have full control of catalog contentAny product data in SAP from pricing, sales text, and material classification is available to the product catalog in real time

Product Catalog – Main Page

  • WECO B2B can have one or more catalogs
  • Catalogs can be Sales Area, Customer, or User specific
  • Dynamic catalogs based on specified criteria are possible
  • Content is searchable and can also have attribute-based filtering
  • Navigation is possible with standard tree navigation (left) or graphical (right)
  • Images can be stored on a web server for easy maintenance (WECO holds URLs)

Product listing page appears when users navigate to a product category where individual materials are assigned. In a WECO Product Catalog it is possible to have a mix of additional sub-categories AND products on the same page. It is up to Product Catalog Administrators to determine how to organize the data. 

Product Catalog – Product Listing

  • The product listing page can hold thumbnail images, descriptions, attributes, etc.
  • Product Pricing can be customer specific or list pricing
  • Product comparisons, wish lists, and ratings are available
  • Attribute filtering based on SAP material classification is supported
  • Excel download is supported


The product detail page is where customers can get the full amount of data from the selected product.  This can be a combination of data from multiple sources as explained below including SAP material data delivered in real-time.  

Product Catalog – Product Detail 

  • Multiple images are supported with built-in image carousel
  • YouTube videos can be displayed
  • PDF content (datasheets)
  • Deep linking for sharing content via email
  • Product attributes from SAP material classification
  • Product codes as images
  • Additional data grouped as tabs
  • All content can be loaded into the WECO catalog or sourced from a CMS system


Shopping Basket/Checkout

The WECO shopping basket is one the key integration points to real-time data in SAP. Everything from pricing, partners, and availability are there for the customer.  WECO uses standard SAP order simulation which honors all existing business logic in the SAP system.  The basket can also be integrated with third party services for freight-shopping (UPS, FEDEX, ShipERP), as well as payment processing using credit cards and/or eCheck with such providers as Paymetric, Delego, etc.

Shopping Basket – Service Levels & Payments

  • Items added to the basket appear in a drop-down on the right-side of the application
  • Baskets can be created by:
    • Navigating the catalog
    • From basket menu, add products manually
    • Selected from order history (entire order or selected items)
    • Using Saved templates
    • Using product upload from excel or text file


Shopping Basket – Header and Line Items

  • Order is organized similar to an SAP sales order with header and items data
  • Access to ShipTo/BilllTo Partner information
  • Standard fields such as complete delivery, requested delivery data, and header text
  • Item level shows pricing based on standard SAP order simulation
  • Schedule line dates returned if ATP is active
  • Ability to load attachments at header or item level
  • Submit order or save for later as a template
  • Excel download of item data


Shopping Basket – Service Levels & Payments

  • WECO can be configured to provide selection for shipping and payment options
  • Standard WECO can be linked to SAP Shipping Conditions
  • Through customization, freight shopping can be integrated into any provider with an API service
  • Shipping service section can be hidden completely and configured as such for different order types.
  • WECO supports a variety of payment methods including Invoice, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.
  • CNBS has developed a customer credit card/eCheck payment processing linked with Paymetric
  • Payment processing can also be configured to be hidden completely
  • Both service level and payment options can vary based on Sales Area

Document History

Self-service is one of the key values of the WECO E-Commerce solution. The Documents section of WECO provides the ability for users to access critical data from their order history 24/7. There is no more need to call customer service to request copies of order confirmations, shipping records, or invoices. All of this information is available with a few clicks. 

Document History & PDF download

  • WECO Provides document history for Orders, Deliveries, and Invoices
  • Document history can show items not just ordered on the website but any within the SAP system


  • Each document type has a set of characteristics, status, and date fields to search with
  • PDF download of output attached can be displayed
  • Users can use document history to repeat past orders or to order individual items
  • Order history at a list level can be downloaded to excel (individual items not included)

Account Administration

Account Administration allows users and administrators easy access to view and edit their own data, manage additional users, see reports on order history, manage purchasing budgets, etc. 

  • Account Administration Page has many useful features for the end-user, as well as Admins for the site.
  • Update personal information such as email, phone, password, subscriptions, etc.
  • Access to the User Self-Maintenance Module (if licensed)
  • Manage purchasing budgets, address books, etc.
  • Read only data for customer accounts the web user is linked to including partner information 

Home Page

The Homepage of the WECO e-commerce solution is completely customizable.  Multiple widgets, product promotions, important messaging, etc. are all possible for WECO administrators to control and update. Content can be sourced from multiple locations, most importantly, SAP in real-time. 

  • Homepage has many useful features
  • Widget placeholders for Chat, announcements
  • The homepage can be a BSP page in WECO or can be sourced from an external CMS system
  • Product Highlights are possible
  • In a two-system landscape, the site can remain open on the SAP Web Application Server but serve to display a maintenance message if the main SAP System (ECC or S4) are is down

Footer Links

  • Footer is completely customizable
  • URLs for FAQ, Privacy Policy, T&C, and Legal notice can all be managed with WECO configuration

Web User & Registration

 The WECO E-commerce solution uses a combination of Web Users and Service Users to control who can do what within the web application.  Web users are linked to their accounts in SAP.  Service Users (aka Reference Users) are created in SAP and control authorizations.  Any number of reference users can be created to offer a variety of authorizations in the application.

  • WECO uses a combination of Web Users set up in the WECO software and SAP Service Users set up in Standard SAP using SAP Authorization Objects.
  • A request for access can be submitted to a dedicated email to notify internal support staff of the request.
  • Support staff can then use the Registration Cockpit (if licensed) to set up the user an email credentials

Section 2: Modules

Below is a list of all WECO Modules.

  • The modules in yellow are the minimum required for a B2B implementation
  • Other optional modules typically implemented are:
    • External Search Engine SOLR
    • Variant Configuration
    • SAP VC Connector
    • User Self-maintenance
    • SEO
    • User Self-maintenance
    • Paymetric DI Interface
Item # Solution Description Remarks
1000 E-Selling Base Package Basic WECO e-selling components
1100 E-Selling Product Catalog Product catalog
1150 E-Selling External Search Engine SOLR External Search Engine – Apache SOLR
1200 E-Selling B2B B2B component
1300 E-Selling B2C B2C component
1400 E-Selling Variant Configuration Variant configuration
1410 E-Selling SAP VC Connector Connects SAP ERP VC to Webshop
1500 E-Selling Catalogue Export Tool Catalogue XML export tool
1600 E-Selling B2B User Creation B2B user creation cockpit
1700 E-Selling SAP DMS Integration SAP DMS document integration
1800 E-Selling External Payment Processing General Interface ext. payment serv.
1810 E-Selling Datatrans Interface Process Payments with Datatrans
1820 E-Selling OGONE Interface Process Payments with OGONE
1830 E-Selling PayPal Interface Process Payments with PayPal Express
1840 E-Selling Computop interface Process Payments with Computop
1900 E-Selling OCI Interface OCI Interface for customer purchasing systems
1950 E-Selling External Catalog Link Link to Customer Catalog using OCI
2000 E-Selling Dynamic Catalog Feature Dynamic Catalog Feature
2100 E-Selling Mobile Template (Smartphones) Mobile Template (Smartphones)
2200 E-Selling SEO SEO
2400 E-Selling Product Catalog Print Bundle Product Catalog Print Bundle
2500 E-Selling User Self-maintenance User Self-maintenance
3000 E-Selling Service Notification Processing Service Notifications Creation and History
9012 E-Selling Paymetric DI Interface Paymetric DI Interface
9015 E-Selling AFS Integration Apparel & Footwear Solution
9020 E-Selling Vistex Integration Module Vistex Integration Module


Section 3: Documentation

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